Electrode holder 1ab
Electrode holder 5A
Holder Duro A
AEC -316


A clamping device to hold the welding Electrode in any position securely for welding, earlier it is called Stinger. Two general types of electrode holders are available; “Insulated” and “Non-insulated” electrode holder. Non insulated holders are not recommended due to accidental short circuit if bumped to work piece during welding.

Insulated electrode holders are made by many manufacturers with their own design and sizes. Holders are designed to use in specific range of welding current and electrode diameter. Welding current range are mentioned the in the booklet provided by the manufacturer. In most of the electrode holders, current (amp) is printed for the welders. If the holder is smaller than the required size, according to current, it will overheat and can cause burn to the welder.


Lenco Duro

Duro Electrode holders are dependable, safe with square guard protect hands from heat and prevents rolling or grounding.

Easily replace parts quickly, screw type jaws replace with wrench screwdriver only.


  • AF Series range 200-500 amp
  • HT Series range 200-500 amp
  • DURO series range 250-600 amp
  • TWISTER series range 250-400 amp
  • ARCFORCE series range 200-500 amp