Is to be a preferred professional partner to the customers, who are looking for a reliable supplier of welding and related products with the best customer service and technical support.

Providing welding and cutting accessories parts, spares for establishment, fabricators, outdoor projects of oil/gas companies and small business units. Our products come from the well known international manufacturers and companies, hold the highest recognition throughout the region.

Our Mission

To enhance the market share, find new business opportunities and stay ahead of the competitors by providing quality products and services based to customers and market demand. Expanding products and business lines through strategic partnerships with world renowned suppliers and maintaining best relationship and confidence with customers.

We are dedicated to apply knowledge and resources to understand and meet customer needs day to day, by taking what we learn from you and adding our experience and passion for meeting your requirements, we improve the performance, standard and quality of products and solution we deliver to you.


Our Suppliers

Metal Welding is the sole distributor of Aquasol products and spares in Pakistan. Aquasol is a leading, internationally recognized manufacturer of water soluble paper products and advanced pipe purging devices. Made in the USA, Aquasol client base consists of many well-known corporations including Chevron, British Petroleum, Exxon Mobile. Their users are in USA, Canada, Europe, middle east and Asia.

We are also the distributor of SWSI in Pakistan. We provide quality brand products with ultimate source for welding in different sectors from USA.  SWSI serves over 70 different countries including, Mexico, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

We are the agent of AERO leather safety products, manufactured in Pakistan with great care and follow the requirements, specifications and consistently ensure that materials, products fit for their purpose and comply the International safety standard. Its quality is compatible with most of the known brands of safety gloves manufacturer with reasonably good price and availability.