Purging is a process to eliminate or act of removal undesired, unwanted items and purify the area which are good for the desired result.

Purging pipe of stainless steels, titanium and zirconium is an act of removing oxygen from the vicinity of a joint before, during and after welding. Purging system creates an isolated environment in the pipe to minimize the welding defect. By creating chamber, these purge dam systems allow the Oxygen to be pushed out of the chamber when it is filled with Argon or Helium. It produces good quality weld with less rejection or re-weld.


To Purge in pipe welding, different gadgets are used to save user time and gas with adequate weld quality.  A better weld is achieved by controlling the air inside the pipe and is a win-win situation in most of the stainless steel and exotic pipe fabrication projects.

Purging system.

Purging system reduces production cost as well as fabrication cost and also reduces the completion time on the other hand provide better weld quality. It is a win-win situation of the stainless steel and exotic pipe fabricators to reduce completion time and save some labor cost.

Traditional purge systems like foam/sponge, cardboard, plywood or masking tape, they all have significant limitations as they are inefficient, costly, and labor-intensive. Additionally, conventional purge systems placed far from the weld zone, adding unnecessary inconvenience, dead inventory, waste of time, uses more man power and extra overhead costs to the welding process. Ad hoc or traditional welding methods generally easy to use but don’t create a good weld and often leaving with a lot of contamination.

Main cause.

Non of the process solve the issue of repair or replacement of small part/pipe from big structure,  especially of tube and pipe fittings. It may be interesting to flood the entire pipe structure with shielding gas. While this may work fine in a small pipe unit but it may be wasting time and costly, as more shielding gas required and waiting time of the welders.

It not only increase the cost of the project but the inert gas can cause health problems to the workers. Dis-mental the part, repair in open space and re-assemble after repair, is costlier and may not be possible to remove part every time due to completion and space restriction.

Economy Solution

It is vital to reduce over head cost in every business to succeed, labors are assigned to complete the job even if they spend more resources of the company. It is the company to find best solution to minimize the cost and get the job done in proscribe time in with desired result. Nobles gases are costly and it is the duty of the company to reduce its use. Retain noble gases such as argon and helium within the weld zone during TIG welding of stainless steel and aluminum pipes is to use Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and Tape.

Purging dams are made from Water soluble paper, it can be placed near to the weld zone. Aquasol Soluble Paper provides an excellent product that is used to retain noble gases and is made up of sodium carboxyl methyl cellulose and wooden pulp. Soluble  Paper dissolves  completely in water or steam. Aquasol Water soluble paper is 100% bio-degradable and leaves no residue behind in the pipeline.

Aquasol Water Soluble Papers are available in different thickness and sizes, for the construction of purge dams for any diameter. It is easy to store and environmentally friendly, Aquasol Water Soluble Paper is ideal for the petrochemical units, urea manufactures, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage industries.

For a typical pipe joint under inert gas, a purge dam system reduces to as little as approximate 2 percent of the gas required and a fraction of time required to fill the space. System will provide savings not only in gas consumption, but in labor time as well.

  • Simple and fast construction that can be customized to fit various pipe sizes.
  • Creates excellent barrier for retaining noble gas.
  • Less consumption of expensive gas in purging process that is actually saves money.
  • Made of sodium carboxy methyl cellulose & wooden pulp, 100% biodegradable.
  • Safe and accepted choice by nuclear, petrochemical, food, beverage industries, EPA and CE approved.

These soluble papers are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to store in its original packing in dry and covered place.

Activate Water soluble tape


Moist an ordinary sponge with tap water, squeeze out excess water until sponge is damp.

Lightly tap damp sponge to the soluble tap this will reactivate the adhesive to ensure low air permeability.