I-Purge X


Stainless steel as well as any other alloy metal either if it is required to repair or making branch connection to an existing unit. Pipes which are need to weld must be clean and prepared for the joint. On top joint area in particular welding zone must not be expose to oxygen or air, in fact air is a mixture of many gases including oxygen. Oxidation produces micro-cracks and flows in welding resulting, may be in a totally unsatisfactory weld.


Aquasol introduced an extra ordinary purging technique that can fit in multiple pipe sizes or in reducers in addition, with all the benefits of Aquasol purging system. These Expandable bladders I-Purge X have ability to expand and contract to fit easily in different diameters of pipes.

I-Purge X, expandable bladders have the ability to expand and contract to fit in the pipe either with same diameter or in dissimilar diameters pipes like reducers sockets or bend or tee. I-Purge bladders with fix size works perfectly on specific pipe size but if use in different sizes, it may burst or lose the effectiveness consequently not completely seal the pipe for inert gas.


Durability & Safety

Exterior cover is made from specific fabric that is heat as well as spark resistance. It does not combust when exposed to sparks or hot surface. I-Purge X is made from heavy-duty materials designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the petrochemical and construction industries.

Important features

  • Bladder Expansion Technology Enables One Unit to Fit Multiple Pipe Sizes.
  • Quick Connect Push-button feature is a proven lock mechanism for secure connection.
  • Quick connect enables modules for easy connection and fast change or replace components.
  • Strong Pull Loops for Insertion and Removal.
  • Protective External Fiberglass Sleeve with luminescent indicator for accurate alignment at root gap capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200°F .
  • Various lengths of harnesses are available to accommodate heat affected zone during pre-heating and high heat applications.
  • Exhaust Connection for Oxygen monitor, Relief Valve and Direct Purge with separate hose.

I-Purge X is a expandable, extendable, and simply extraordinary. This system can be use numerous time if stored properly.