Liquifilm is a completely biodegradable water soluble plastic film used as a purge gas barrier during GTAW. It enables purge dam construction fast and accurate from transparent film.

This film quickly dissolves in water or steam, it has a good barrier properties against Argon and Helium pressure. Liquifilm mostly used in welding of stainless, duplex, and chromium steels as well as titanium alloys. It is a highly effective alternative when total purging is impractical or too costly.
Liquifilm, water soluble plastic wrap allowing for greater positive pressure to be maintained in dammed area, highly flexible, allowing for easy use in any situation and can be punctured for gas inlets and outlets with little risk of tearing or splitting.
Liquifilm, water soluble plastic film can be placed close to the heat zone, dissolve with hot or cold water or steam that is introduced through the pipe, ultimately leading to lower costs for the overall welding operation. An impenetrable purge barrier, water soluble plastic sheet is suitable for nuclear, aerospace, and other applications.

• Impenetrable Purge barrier for retaining noble gas Argon and Helium.
• Flexible, Robust allowing ease of use in any situation
• for use on Stainless, Duplex and Chromium Steels & Titanium Alloys
• Liquifilm can be punctured for gas inlets and outlets without the risk of tearing or splitting.
• Rapidly dissolves in hot or cold water, leave no residue in pipe.



• Liquifilm is a transparent water soluble plastic sheet, allows for trouble-free viewing during welding process.


Liquifilm is the safe and suitable choice of many industries and plants. Water soluble plastic film is widely used due to best see through water soluble plastic film sheet during welding process.

• Fertilizer and petrochemical plants.
• Nuclear and aeronautical plants
• Food and pharmaceutical units.