PRO OX-100 Kit

There are many brands and types of Oxygen analyzer available in the market. Main purpose of these apparatus is to provide Oxygen level during pipe welding in the presence of inert gas. Oxygen reacts with molten pool during welding and cause flaws and defects to the weld.

Aquasol Oxygen monitor PRO OX-100 has an edge over other Oxygen monitors selling in the market, some silent features are:

              1. It is handheld and fully automatic.
              2. Digital display and self calibrated.
              3. Low cost and provides logging record in real time for future use or examine.
              4. Operative either with direct power supply or through 9V battery which is fitted inside the apparatus.
              5. Internal automatic pump for continuous or spot checking of Oxygen level during welding.
              6. Make intermittent beep sound with green flash light to alert operator.
              7. Programmable and calibrated via “2-Point Calibration”, this method uses a high point (ambient air) and low point (99.999% Argon) to calibrate.



Uninterrupted, accurate and precise oxygen level reading during welding. It is highly advanced  apparatus and equipped with sensor, that can be replaced easily. Self-calibrating oxygen  monitor, measures down up-to 0.01% (100 ppm) resolution, it is ideal for purging and other welding applications.

PRO OX-100 manufactured under the Aquasol Corporation USA and is ISO Certified Factory.

Oxygen Monitor PRO OX 100 is widely available in the market for monitoring Oxygen in the pipe during welding.

Spot mode

In spot mode PRO OX100 saves battery usage and extend the battery life for longer period.

Spot mode is used when purging process requires more than 20 minutes to complete. PRO OX 100 automatically record the data at certain intervals.

When permanent records are required, in conjunction with data logging, use continuous  when PPM is near required level.

Alert Alarm

It has unique advantage to set alarm at desired Oxygen PPM; Oxygen contamination is one of the most common reasons for substandard welds. In Pro OX100 operators can set alarm for the desired level of Oxygen, by setting the alarm, unit will produce intermittent beep sound with green light flashes, operator can continue evacuating oxygen and commence welding.

Data Record

There are many unique feature are available in PRO OX 100. Another feature of data logging, it allows operators to record the data permanently of real time at 15 second intervals for continuous mode or as needed in spot mode. Unit can  export to Microsoft Excel up to 50 data points in plain text format of oxygen levels for any critical welding operations.


      •  Each units has calibrated certificate free of cost are in each box. All apparatus is accompanied by the certificate of authentication that meets the standard specified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
      • This devise has 2 Point calibration model, it can be self calibrate by using ambient air without special calibration gas and in another way is to calibrate in 99.99% Argon.

Power supply:

      • These Oxygen monitor operates on 100VAC/60Hz, 120VAC/60Hz and 220VAC/50Hz configurations
      • Charger also serves as a standalone power supply when operation exceeds more than one hour in length.
      • Aquasol rechargeable battery is environment friendly and any other 9V rechargeable battery with correct/same specification can be used. Non-rechargeable 9V battery can also be substituted.

Aquasol PRO OX 100 by Metal WeldingKit Contents:

• PRO OX -100 Monitor and Sensor
• Polycarbonate Carrying Case
• Neoprene Extension Tubing (5 ft. or 1.50m)
along Quick Connect Fittings
• Stainless Steel Probe 2 mm Diameter

• Rechargeable Battery and Charger.
• cable USB.
• Support stand for monitor
• Screwdriver
• Quick Instruction Card


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Reference from Aquasol web site